Tuesday, 16 January 2018


2017 was the year of the 'Weardrobe'; a monthly series on my blog, sharing what I'm wearing in OOTDs. This became a bite sized slot to include thrifting, clothing and uneventful anecdotes that may have been otherwise forgotten.
I can't keep up with the imagery and effortless (but takes a heck of a lot of effort) nature of fashion blogging - nor is it really what my blog is about - so this switch was definitely my best blogging decision of late. I started in November 2016, and have just completed a calendar year of posts, that I will certainly reference for the year to come; as a reminder to continue getting the wear out of my wardrobe. Did you see what I did there?

Enough with the annoying abbreviations, those 70 outfits have today become a top 10, that I wore - and you saw - last year, along with a little preview into each post. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Festivities 2017

Weardrobe / Outfits from December 2017 Festivities


I have not, stopped, singing Chicago, ever since I watched it on the way home from America - back in October. Loved it. So too did the guy behind me miming along. First time I'd seen the film, and unsurprisingly, the songs and references now make perfect sense. Catherine Zeta Jones was insane. I didn't even know Renee Zellweger was in it! The Roxie song, just made me want to get a glitzy dress and curlers out as soon as it was festively possible.

I planned to embody Roxie (in outfit not mentality) for a festive roast at my godmother's, a tradition started last year, but unfortunately they were unwell and had to cancel. I would suggest Chicago to bring the sass for sick days. My Brother's were also in Belgium at the Christmas Markets at the time, so I felt like getting involved back home. Plus, It was touch and go whether we were gunna have to make Hektor (the lamp, that's ikea name stuck - we don't make a habit of addressing the furniture so personally) the Christmas Tree, but thankfully Christmas songs and and putting this badass beaded dress on, started the decoration, motivation.

A Fabulous, thrifted find. Since sparkles, bring out our inner Christmas fairy, I've conjured up an anecdote excuse,

Friday, 15 December 2017


Winter is coming, and these are the products from my collection aiming to put the festivities in the shade, this Autumn/Winter

First thing that came to mind (beyond game of thrones references) were my nails inc, nail polishes. I've got shades ranging from match the autumn foliage, match the lipstick; to a spectrum of festive reds, gold, glitter, etcetera. But it's actually more about how I managed to get my hands on so many (considering it's a premium priced brand), being associated with this time of year, rather than my deliberately chosen/edited colour selection.
The glamour mag, nails inc collab - where a selection of full sized polishes are offered as freebies - comes around, around this time of the year, making it a bargain I use and mention (see here, here and here - air hostess), over and over again. Kate Spade's edit is when we first met - of which the gold 'Uptown Glamour' still shines - and it's put other nail polishes in the shade ever since. Whether or not these are of the same quality as the RRP originals, or made for outlet, they are still immense, and full size!
The Red and Aubergine pictured were 2 of last years offerings, so I suggest you take full advantage of the avenue, and get yourself some great polishes, at a great price. Unfortunately this is probably the final year, with glamour mag going online; but hopefully they'll go out with a bang, and hopefully the other mags will step up, for my annual business. I pitch wish.
Year round - Boots Clearance is the place too be; seems the £11 RRP is a bit of a turn off, and I've seen selections of sets/individuals, on a few occasions there. So whenever you pop in for deodorant or makeup, keep a lookout. The holographic glitter, 'Diamond', was one of the £1 polishes I whittled down to, upon discovering the latest treasure trove.

Another product I wanted to reaffirm my love for, were my Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks, of the 'Matte' formula (within theme berry packaging) in particular. Smooth and opaque, and like with the nails, boast some fabulous festive options: '#107' was the much hyped deep berry (that I too fell for the hype of, and am sporting today) and '#111', a classic Red, and favourite I would repurchase. One of my oldest reviews, but my opinion has stayed true.

An item I predict I'll be mentioning a lot from now on,

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

It's all in the Jeans

Excited to get back to my jeans, but it wasn't going to be all of them - since I have so many, and that shows no signs of slowing down.
Jeans are something I always look at secondhand. I genuinely believe you can find just as good denim - if not better - this way, but like with any shop, it's about finding the right fit for you. I have lots, and have fun trying different styles/brands, but ill-fitting jeans are the bane of that life. I change shape, they change shape, and my stash has got out of hand. So I need to be ruthless, about what I simply no longer like wearing.
Carrying on from my summer clothes clear out; outfits to determine which of my extensive jean-drobe, stays, and which need to go to a new, more loving home.

Weardrobe / Outfits from November 2017

A year on from 'Nothing New November', it's hit me that I’ve kept up my weardrobe posts for a full year! For an unreliable, thriftaholic, that makes me proud. I would say I'm all thrifty today in honour, but that's honestly just regular service resumes. Not high on the grand scale of things, but worthy of a mention - and I intend to carry it on. 

Fine Wine

- My Autumn Winter EP - expected date when the leaves fall.

I'm going to have to be brutal with my rainbow coloured jeans; I got red, not yellow, not pink, mint green, not orange, but Primark purple, and blue. I like them in theory, but the phase has passed, and I simply no longer wear them! All except, the shades of berry red - & as I've mentioned before, I have 3 to pick from. Feels like deja vu that I’m still debating burgundy jeans, but the shade is a longtime (including dressing gown) LOVE, that has yet to fade. Today, I'm siding with these TOPSHOP joni jeans, that are more of a Blackberry/Fine Wine/Mulled Wine/Merlot shade - and since they are a bit deeper, I've found it's made them distinctly more versatile. In some lights - ^like clocks going back and winter has engulfed us - they almost look black, and since they aren't as colourful, they compliment a larger colour palette.
A/W palette includes: my cream cable knit, a classic I'm content with and needn't be tempted by those that advertise new ones (liketoknow cable knit's in, again). & a complementing lipstick, Rimmel 107; seeing a theme? same shit, just 2017.

Top - Zara, via CharityShop, £2.49 / Jeans - TOPSHOP via Oxfam CharityShop, £3.99 / Cardigan - TOPSHOP via ebay, £12

Waist Not

First came corsets, then high waist jeans, then waist trainers, precede corset's being back on the scene - circle of women 'embracing the waist', a rouse to conform to the idea of being damn uncomfortable. It’s all just to make us look skinnier, when really, sit or move and the truth literally comes rolling out - and why the heck should we? 

I won't lie, I genuinely prefer mid rise/higher jeans - but there is a limit - and I think I've found it? From one of favourite charityshops that I actually only visited a few times before it unfortunately closed down. The manager in there was so fab. I felt so comfortable taking photos (I understand why some would rather I don't), reveled in chatting charityshop love, and a nod to blogging; although it didn't hurt everything was under £2, she made me want to find things to buy - or donate if not - on each visit. So this is not a regret. I was sad to hear she unexpectedly died, through a volunteer from her shop that moved to mine after it closed - and I feel like she would say life is too short for uncomfortable jeans. It may be a small interaction in terms of a world hive of activity - but I hope she know's she registered with me, in happy memories. I also hesitated as to whether I wanted a closeup shot of my bum on my blog, even though it's on topic - but my other friend Judith decided it, so any backlash, blame her. #pardonthepun #itsjustabum.
This failed en-devour doesn't mean I'll be ignoring vintage jeans from now on; but I won't be blinded by price, and be more aware of size! Though If the original waist trainers appeal - and you waist not, want not, to be able to sit, bend, BREATHE - then these are the one's for you!  

Top - Tesco sale, £5 / Jeans - Lone Star, 'ladies jeanswear', via Marie Curie Charityshop, £1

Flare 'for fashion'

I've stayed loyal to skinnies as I find them the most flattering (although let's face it, most end up skinny on me!) but these 'fashun', bouji bargain, ralph lauren flares were already hemmed, so I felt the universe was saying - I shortened these, made them cheap, to offer them up for you to try.

I just want to clarify, I tried flares for fashion, not that I have a flare-for-fashion. I wear what I like, and often I stick with it; I do have a flare for finding an excuse to buy more animal print, and drop price denim, so it's often repetitive not innovative. That being said, sometimes trends pull you in, especially when Instagram Influencers do their thing, and when it's another £1 item, why the heck not.
I also want to make it clear that these are not the same jeans from before, distinguished by a strategic crop - it's simply an accurate representation of owning too many options, with a whole host of twins/siblings, not that unlike one another.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


Weardrobe / Outfits from September & October 2017

Dinner on me, Dinner for free

With thanks to Tesco Club Card, Voucher Boost - where £5 worth of vouchers, earn you £20 worth of food at various places - dinner was on me, for free. *at point of purchase, as my brother would say.
Treated Rach (who crowned the hair do the Khalessi) to a slap up dinner at Cafe Rouge, with a bomb dessert - literally - incred, def up to a standard suitable for the original (and wannabe) Queen of Dragons. Also bloomin' love that Emilia Clark messaged Strictly.

I wore a Pyjama style shirt, ironically, to dress up for the occasion - and the equally loungewear like, jean look leggings from UNIQLO. My newish mules have proved a complete success - whilst it was still warm enough to wear them without getting chilly toes. I've also found the bag, surprisingly useful despite it's camera case size - though you may need to fold your vouchers, & make sure you take the right one's with you. mentioning for a friend.

Shirt - BN H&M/COS via The British Red Cross CharityShop 'Encore' Range, sale, £3 / Jeggings - UNIQLO via The British Red Cross CharityShop, sale, £1 / Mules - Clarks Outlet, Gifted / Bag - Accessorize via relate CharityShop, £1.49 / Vouchers

Embroidery People

Free People - that stuff is far from free! & before it was more accessible in the UK (ASOS, not that I could afford it. we're just ordinary people), seeing the tag whilst flicking through a Charity Shop sale rail, got me. Being brand blind aside, it's a pretty top. Reminds me of hand embroidered items sold on remote Greek streets, and changed my opinion on the appeal of embroidery - it doesn't feel too overdone, or simply stuck on. Not that it would grow. no matter how long you left it.. this has become less idyllic. It's irritatingly impractical though, since the back is completely open; so we've passed the infatuation phase, and I don't know which way to go

Cami - Free People via St Catherine's Hospice CharityShop Sale, £1.49

Jeans for Genes Day

The time to Justin n Brittney double up on your denim, and donate for the privilege.

I felt more like the denim donkey of Bukeroo - even my mane getting in the way. But I am willing to look a little silly for a good cause - this cause being JeansforGenes, who are 'changing the world for children with genetic disorders'.

Denim Jacket (LightWash) - via CharityShop, £7 / Denim Jacket (White) - Dororthy Perkins via Carboot, £1 / Denim Jacket (Dark Wash/Waist) - via CharityShop, £4 / Shirt - TOPSHOP via ageuk CharityShop, £3.99 / Jeans - New Look via Carboot, 50p / Trainers - Converse, hand-me-down
Don't sleep on secondhand denim.

American Exchange

The reason I've clubbed 2 months together, is because I spent a period of each, across the pond in America. We've traveled there in the hope of finding effective Lyme Treatment, which I feel both frustrated and incredibly grateful about; that we haven't the options here, but since I'm fortunate enough to have the US as a feasible option.

We make a trip of it - and this second time, I was able to cross an item off my bucket list

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Illamasqua 'Fatale' Palette

Review and Demo

Illamasqua 4 pan palettes spotted in TKMAXX, A 2013/2014 release, though still being sold online, and in participating department stores. A chance to try out their eyeshadow formula -  'Reflection's cream to The 'Fatale's powder; as I hadn't had much luck with the illamasqua cream formula, and since I preferred the colour scheme of the powder (+ it was slightly cheaper), there was only one contender.

Quality street jewel tones, but is it a treat?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Month of Many Colours

My Colourful Mojo really come's out in summer, and when sorting I was re inspired - so August ended up being all about embracing the rainbow of colours in my wardrobe.

Weardrobe / Outfits from August 2017

Ray of Sunshine

I'll start with this sunshine/rainbow dress as it's case and colourful point. Another swept up on summer holiday purchase, this being Crete 2015. Essentially a sheet, with a hole for the head, and hemmed at the sides leaving space for arms; it's certainly statement, and not the kind of tie dye I can achieve myself. 

Tie dye is a trend that I'll love whether it's fashionable or not - it's in my genes, 'I got it from my mumma', but also my father - childhood (and to this day) memories of a particularly fabulous shirt stand out. I do though usually restrict my wear to holiday's, beaches or over swimwear - for no other reason than it just fits - but why not the backgarden in blighty? On a Sunny Sunday, test driving mum's new sunlounger - tie dye definitely helped the holiday illusion

Dress - Cretian Stall, 13euros


My younger Brother turned 18, and secured uni all within one bloody good week - WOOP! The first was the shock of the 2 (knew he could do it) as although I live with him 24/7, how the heck is he that grown!? Open to conspiracy theories. Another shocker was that he wanted to go to lunch with his sister and mum on the big birthday! hence a dressy OOTD.
An outfit that was actually free to me - Topshop crepe cami dress, with 'that' bomber, that let's face it - is more mine that mum's even though I procured it by the pretense of shared custody. I made the photo black and white despite the colourful theme, as the navys of the 2 didn't quite match, and apparently that bugged me. Paired the clash with mules we all (read - me) claimed they couldn't turn our heads to; turn's out 2 years of social media later, if it's taupe and cheap I'm well and truly turned.

So the younger one's off to Uni, the other's moving country; I've got some new shoes on, and 'suddenly everything is right'.

Bomber - Zara Sale, Borrowed / Dress - TOPSHOP sale, £15 (giftcard) / Mules - Clarks Outlet, Gifted

Thrift Blues

Happy Nationalthriftshopday USA, as although I haven't been able to thrift much this year, I did find this gem of a bag for £1.49 from my local charityshop (pop in when getting the milk job) that was still selling online at accessorize. Another reason to thrift - finding current shop stock, for a fraction of the price.