Friday, 14 February 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Favie Jamie' - Day, February 14th 2014

Starring both of my recent reviews: the Topshop 'Jamie Jeans' & the Bourjois 'Effect 3D' lipglosses, in a few 'Face & Outfit' posts this week.

Squint central today ladies and gents, apologies

Hand-in-pocket-pose felt so natural with jeans. Over exposure, soz.
Red nose day Tee - TKMaxx
Cardigan - Topshop through eBay
Jeans - Topshop
Converse - Schuh
Sunglasses - Free with tatler mag
 Couldn't wait to get them out

Back of the cardigan is a bit cheeky

Just imagine the shoes are white, and the coat is the cardigan -
 blogging fail-rail
added a jumper in the FOTD as I was catchin a cold.

Natural Light washes out some of the colours, but
it is more lifelike.
My less is more/natural/everyday Makeup
Double up highlighter and bronzer for eyelook, no blush, & a nude lip.

BASE - Bare minerals & various concealers.

ft. NYC 'Best of Broadway':
EYES - mixture of 2 light shades on lid
FACE - Palest shade = highlight
Bronzer/Barry M 'Dazzle me, for face & eye shading.

LIPS - Bourjois Effect 3D gloss, No.3
Tools to make me up


  1. Replies
    1. This was definitely my favourite of the bunch, & thankyou!
      Going to bed with wet hair was kind to me that day :)


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