Monday, 10 February 2014

Face & Outfit | 'The Flamingo', Feburary 10th 2014

Starring both of my recent reviews: the Topshop 'Jamie Jeans' and the Bourjois 'Effect 3D' lipglosses, in a few 'Face & Outfit' posts this coming week.

Is that my hand or a tree trunk?
Channeling a slight Russian/Sotchi vibe;
accidental, though let's say it's in honour of the winter olympics.
Headband - Craft Fair
Coat - Charity Shop
Jumper - Primark
Jamie Jeans - Topshop
(the pair I find the hardest to pull off)
Boots - Shoe Zone
Ring/bracelet - Gift night
Wardrobe Changes 
My Essie Button influence, #daclip - Primark
Scarf - Dorothy Perkins
Minus the jumper, V-neck - New Look
Navy cardigan (not seen, my bad) - Primark
Bag - Next
Loafers - Primark
Manage to catch a day of sun in the weeks of rain

Floordrobe upgrade - 'The rail'
Missing a few accessories
Usj Bronzer in the crease
Shimmery peach on the lid - The tint both satisfies
my Orange cravings, & brings out the green in my eyes.

Bourjois effect 3D gloss, No.53.
Here you can clearly see the drying effect of the gloss
on my lips.

Sucker for a bit of colour co-ordination: Peachy
eyes, cheeks, lips & jeans - too much?

Tools to make-me-up.


  1. I love that hat! It really must do wonders for keeping your head warm, haha. Definitely appropriate for the Winter Olympics going on :P

    x Michelle |

    1. 2 winters and still going strong, a snugly hug for your head!
      aha, what a lucky co-inkidink!


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